Integration 2.0

Integration 2.0 - Increasе Sales Efficiency of Online Store

A customer wants to buy a product, but he still has questions

One of the e-store’s tasks is to convince potential buyers of their competence. Competence inspires customers confidence to the e-store . If the customer still has questions while choosing a product, he will ask the store to which he has more confidence. A client would rather seek advice and buy in a store he trusts than in other stores that look “incompetent".

No consultation request - no purchase. Or there is a purchase, but in another store.

No matter how competent the consultants are, in absentia the customer sees in them ordinary sellers. And he is suggest that their abilities will be enough only to place an order or to impose a product not best for him but for store.

Unfortunately, we often come across on stores site with PR with hackneyed phrases about professionals who will answer any questions and who in practice had an extremely distant idea of the product.

Distrust to the unknown store on the part of the buyer is justified.

Only store employees know about their professionalism reliably. How customer to find out that?

When choosing a new video card for a computer, or a smartphone, or a laptop, I don’t know who is the real authority in this area. Because this is not my area of expertise. But I want to buy something that really meets my requirements.

The search for information begins with various reviews and articles, which publish not only subjective impressions, but also the results of various benchmarks (tests). It doesn’t matter to me what exactly the numbers show, it’s usually enough for me that the author gives a rating of “good”, “normal”, “corresponds to the price”, supported by objective benchmark data. If the data of the benchmarks do not correspond to the verbal assessment, then those who understand these figures and write comments under that review or article will probably notice this.

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When a product is presented immediately in a dozen of e-stores, it is difficult for a customer to distinguish a store with competent consultants from a nice shopping conveyor.

Our integration service eliminates this gap. We integrate various blocks with technical information that make it clear to the client that the store understands any issue and details.

A modern and efficient store does everything possible so that the client can get advice as quickly and easily as possible, but without trust in the store there will be no ask and the sales efficiency will be significantly reduced.

Which store inspires greater customer confidence?

When a buyer opens a dozen sites of shops and he has questions about choice, he will choose a store that can competently give advice.

Customer questions will not necessarily about numbers or graphs, rather general, far from numbers. But he wants to get this information from professionals.

What does integration with an online store look like?

Integration 1.0

The first version was developed in 2016 under for online store of headphones

It was consist from the loading of technical information on the product page in the form of a graph and technical specifications. The "star-table" with general recommendations.was added later.

Most customers, before asking their questions about products, explained why they even ask a question. Here are the main typical customer explanations:

"I saw graphics on your website, you probably know how this player sounds, tell me, will it be good for these headphones ..."

I came to your shop, not to the store closer to me. I thought that if I made a mistake while choosing a product, you will tell me about it, since I saw you have very detailed information on the product and you are clearly good at it.

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Integration 2.0

The new version of 2019 is Integration 2.0. The ability to load various types of information blocks: by product and by product combinations has been developed.

Our info blocks show the rationale for product compatibility, which allows customer to buy a set of headphones and a source.

The design and content of information blocks is individually configured for a particular online store. We have prepared for demonstration general blocks for different customers and website formats.

In fact, you can choose any information block from our site as the basis. The online store itself chooses the type and volume of information blocks for integration and can change them over time, depending on the reaction of customers and new information blocks.

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