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Selection of the parameters

Automatic selection of optimal models of headphone amplifiers for headphones by the parameters and external enviropments

Amplifiers are selected according to the characteristics. Optimal bundles from the amplifier and headphones are estimated on a five-point scale.

Automatic selection of optimal headphone models by the parameters of amplifiers for headphones and external enviropments

Headphones are selected according to the characteristics. On a five-point scale, optimal bundles from headphones and amplifying sources are estimated.

The compatibility rating is similar to car analysis based on its ground clearance - on which road the car will move optimal without evaluating the class of the car. The algorithm takes into account the sensitivity parameters of the headphones, the power parameters of the source and the use case: at home, at the studio, on the street, in the subway, etc.

Automatic selection is made only for headphones with measured sensitivity and resistance and amplifiers with definite equivalent power classes.

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