Show room in Reference Audio Analyzer

Reference Audio Analyzer
Show Room

RAA showroom is designed for mini-shows of rare and interesting devices

About types of exhibitions

Rare devices

In RAA showroom we exhibit exclusive and rare audio devices that are not easy to find in retail stores.

Examples of exhibitions:

Audio devices that are not presented in local retail

Audio devices which distributed only through the Internet. Try before you buy.

Examples of exhibitions:

Thematic Exhibitions

Interesting vintage and separate collections of devices. Club type format and audiophile gatherings.

Examples of exhibitions:

Exhibition in the demo room RAA

Kennerton in Moscow

General exhibition

About of the exhibition

Soviet isodynamic headphones

About of the exhibition

Modern computer sound

About of the exhibition

Showroom working hours

Please call us or send us a message about the time of your visit for day or two.

We will definitely confirm the time of your visit.

If your need to visit us out of working hours please contact us in advance. We will try to do all the best.

Please write your Name, your Phone number or E-Mail. We’ll send you confirmation of your visit.

Make the appiontment

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