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RAA project

Reference Audio Analyzer is a hardware-software complex for analysis and report generation of measurement of audio equipment. This is a unique software for data processing and specialized stands for measurements. Additionally, the project includes a large database of test reports headphones, headphone amplifiers and parameters of the linear output of the DACs.

The main features is the formation of data and charts under the normal user, answering questions from everyday practice, not purely scientific for engineers and developers. This is a customer-oriented approach for readers of magazines and buyers of shops with concise and clear data.

Know How

Main Know How RAA, not found in any test Suite, for measurement or analysis, has become the algorithm of calculation of the frequency response in the interaction of a specific headphone with a specific amp based on their frequency response and impedance.

This algorithm allowed not only the total response of the headphones and amplifier, but the subtraction of the interaction. Thus, the opportunity to make measurements of the headphones with virtually any previously measured amplifier and then compensate for its effect and get a result identical to a measurement amplifier with zero resistance.

Passport frequency response of headphone involves the measurement of the amplifier with zero output resistance, or by specifying parameters of the amplifier. In practice, amplifiers with zero resistance is rarely used when testing the earphone and moreover, many do not even think about the impact of the amplifier, and thereby lay the additional inaccuracy in the final result.

Despite the fact that, formally, the frequency response of the headphones still depends on the stand and the results are mostly only useful for the comparative assessment, however, the amplifier is not zero resistance makes a different amount of variation for different models of headphones. Thus, in the reports of measurements of RAA and all the frequency response of a headphone or have compensation from the influence of the amplifier was tested with an amplifier with zero resistance.

Measuring a large number of models of headphones and amplifiers has allowed to statistically determine the most common characteristics of the models and to define a generic model of headphones and amplifiers, which can be considered General according to the models of headphones and amplifiers.
The revealed dependences allow us to analyze the headphones and amp separately, but together, clearly assessing their degree of compatibility and to predict joint sound.

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