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RAA project

The RAA project web site offers on-line services for the matching of audio devices, direct comparison and evaluation of devices compatibility. The RAA web site presents more than 700 reports of measurements of headphones, musical players, amplifiers, DACs, smartphones, sound cards and other audio devices. The measurements were carried out in our research laboratory, on the hardware-software complex designed by RAA. We are improving the tests and test reports. RAA make tests and reports more understandable to customers and amateurs, not just professionals.

Base of test reports

In RAA lab we discover of new dependencies in audio as the result of monitoring and analysis of the data of the measurements. The results of the measurements are not to keep in secret, they are available in detailed test reports on the RAA website. Reports were optimized for ordinary persons without specific knowledge (non-professionals) who want to compare audio devices characteristics.

RAA constantly develop new types of graphs in such a way that it is possible to use information without additional complex calculations. For example, to compare the loudness of the amplifiers, the levels are represented not in volts (V), but immediately in decibels (dB). We place general explanations next to graphs.

We published test reports of two types. The first is the simple report for persons who are poorly versed in characteristics and specialized graphs. It is a product characteristics review with simple explanations. The second type is the professional report for persons who are interested in more detailed report.

On-line services on RAA website let you to do direct comparisons of audio devices, to estimate coupling of parameters and match audio devices for best joint work.

Development of the measurement stands and software

We are the developers of the software-hardware complex Reference Audio Analyzer. All measurements stands and equipment and unique software are our own production. All that allows simplifying the measurement process, to calculate various dependencies and prepare data for statistical processing. We implemented a number of new tests that did not exist before in the test systems of other manufacturers. So we were able to cover the spectrum of measured parameters more widely.

RAA laboratory and research

The main direction of our research is the interaction of the parameters of the headphones and amplifiers. Detailed measurements, the collection of statistical data, the creation of stands and software allow us to find new dependencies and develop algorithms for selecting the best match of headphones and sources. RAA can rightly be proud of the discovery and popularization of various dependencies in the field of personal audio.

Cooperation with Reference Audio Analyzer

Tests of audio devices

RAA laboratory has been testing great number of audio devices like headphones, amplifiers, players, DACs, smartphones and other devices. The results of testing are the reports with detailed graphs and characteristics are published on RAA web site and become available for both professionals and consumers. On the basis of the measured characteristics, the product participates in on-line selection services for the best matching of the audio devices.

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Tests of prototypes

RAA laboratory conducts in-depth testing of audio devices prototypes. We reveal the "strong" and "weak" sides of the product prototype. Laboratory issues a list of recommendations for improving (or fine-tuning) of the device prototype. RAA can make extended report of testing for the manufacturer and "Tips for compiling information materials and product descriptions based on measurement data."

Consulting services

RAA provide consulting services in various areas related to personal sound. We can make an individual project for you or give you professional advices.

Cooperation with mass media (press, reviewers, bloggers)

For professional reviews and articles it is better to use professional graphics. We offer different options for cooperation.

Cooperation with RAA

  • Manufacturer can send us any audio device for test. Test reports will be published on RAA web site.
  • The audio device will be included in "оn-line selection services" for the best matching of the audio devices on RAA site.
  • Test reports can be published on manufacturer site.
  • Integration of RAA website and services with the manufacturers’ websites.
  • Integration of our services with web-shops.
  • Banner advertising.
  • Individual projects (on request).
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Our partners and customers

The list of our partners and customers.

Base of Measurements

Manufacturers make measurements of the main characteristics in different conditions. Thus it's not possible to compare devices by the data from different manufacturers. Sometimes the data from the one manufacturer for different models are not comparable by the same reason. Formally data are correct but only in the borders of one device. In the RAA laboratory we make measurements of devices under the same conditions and in as much detail as possible. We place the test results in our database to allow RAA customers to make direct comparison of the devices.

We constantly introduce new tests, improve stands and update test reports. If possible, we will retest when new tests will be introduced or our stands will be improved.


In search of really useful information we discovered of new dependencies. We explored they and implemented in new tests and graphs, which is not included in popular third party test software. We made estimation of useful and usability of new tests by living subjective comparisons of different devices by their assessment by hearing and assessment by new graphs. RAA published of new graphs and dependencies in various articles and detailed test reports. So the new parameters and dependencies now taken into account by different authors in articles and tests.

Cooperation and Expertize

The RAA has collected 10 years of experience in testing various audio devices. The new discovered dependencies between headphones and amplifiers are based on measurements of more than 700 models of audio devices and publications by the authors of the RAA project more than a hundred articles on resources: iXBT.com, PersonalAudio, Doctorhead, Audio4You and GeekTimes with feedback from readers. The development of the RAA project has always been based on regular communication with readers. It is not enough to make hundreds of graphs and tests; it is necessary to track the feedback on their understanding by users.

The History of RAA project

The project was launched by Roman Kuznetsov in 2008 during the active creation of articles for iXBT.com.

Author wanted to do the most detailed tests for articles, but it was too hard because it took too much time with existing software. Initially, the task was to create software alternative to RMAA to decide that problem. The result of that idea became RAA project consists from the software, the laboratory and the website with detailed test reports and on-line services.

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Tests of audio devices

Private person or manufacturer can give us audio device for test. We will make free test if product is interesting for RAA. The time of tests will depend from our current schedule for tests. You can ask us any question use feedback.

What I can do if I want to see the product measurements, but do not have it to give for testing?


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