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Kennerton in Moscow
Show Room

The RAA office has a Kennerton Audio Equipment exposition of Headphone. This is the only place in Moscow where the entire full range of Kennerton Headphones and Amps are presented.

Kennerton Exibition in Showroom

In RAA Showroom in comfort and club conditions you can hear any Kennerton headphones.

Kennerton headphone manufacturing is located in St. Petersburg. These are wonderful headphones, widely known all over the world. They are well known in Russia, but are represented not in full range in a limited number of stores. The main reason is that demand exceeds supply and new headphones are redeemed before they go on sale. In addition in the showroom you can see and hear exclusive and special Kennerton models that you can buy only directly from the manufacturer.

In St. Petersburg, it is not so hard to visit the manufacturer and listen to everything calmly. Residents of other cities can get acquainted with the Kennerton products only during major exhibitions. This gap is now partially closed through the showroom in Moscow.

As audio source in showroom are used ASUS Essence One Mod V with a tube amplifiers Cayin HA-1AMK2 and Dared EF-99 and Russian amplifier Musatoff HA-4 on germanium transistors and hybrid amplifier Kennerton Atlas.

You are welcome to the showroom with your own audio sources. Do not forget to take your favorite music with you!

The Showroom presents:

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