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AAW Halcyon: Vocal (report for a newbie)

General results AAW Halcyon Vocal

  • Sensitivity by voltage: 123.83 dB/V SPL
  • Sensitivity by power: 106.80 dB/mW SPL
  • Average impedance : 19.81 ohm
  • The type of acoustic design: [0]
  • Headphone: Low-impedance
  • Type of headphones: In-Ear or Tablet

Analysis with recommendations for AAW Halcyon Vocal headphones based on the measured characteristics

Analysis of acoustic design AAW Halcyon Vocal

Analysis of the sensitivity of AAW Halcyon Vocal headphones

The sensitivity of the AAW Halcyon headphones is 123.83 dB/V SPL by the voltage and 106.80 dB/mW SPL by the power. The sensitivity by voltage reflects the relative "loudness" of the headphones among others - the higher is the value, the louder are the headphones. The sensitivity by power reflects the efficiency of the headphones. High sensitivity of the headphones means less energy need from the source (for portable devices - less power from the battery).

Depending on the sensitivity, headphones are best to use with sources of optimum power. If the source is too powerful, then there is a high probability of constantly hearing background noise. If source power is weak, there will be insufficient volume level.

In a quiet environment for the AAW Halcyon, an amplifier with a voltage level of at least -13.83 dBV at 20 Ohms is recommended for listening to music with a level of 90 dB SPL (without noise isolation). An amplifier with a level above 24.17 dBV is not desirable if the volume control is digital, not analog.

For noisy environments, an amplifier with a voltage level of at least -1.83 dBV at a load of 19.81 ohms is desirable.

If you want to listen to music at a different volume level, you just need to add or subtract a change in dB to 90 dB SPL (for example, for a desired level of 105 dB SPL, add 15 dB and the minimum voltage level for the amplifier is -13.83 dBV + 15 dB = 1.17 dBV).

Analysis of the impedance of AAW Halcyon Vocal headphones

The average resistance at the headphones AAW Halcyon is 19.81 Ohm.

The resistance affects the amount of current that the amplifier should give to the headphones. If the current is not enough, the sound quality will deteriorate, beginning with harsh in the sound and ending with a crackling. In most cases, at low current values, the amplifiers operate in comparable quality to class A, and as the current level rises, the quality decreases toward AB, B, and the clipping zone.

Imagine that you have a water tank, which gradually fills with water. The voltage from the amplifier this is the pressure with which the pump draws water from the reservoir. If the inflow of water in the tank is lower than the volume that the pump pumps out, then at the pump outlet we collect water and "bubbles". Similarly will be with the sound from the headphones, which are lacked the current from the amplifier.

For a quiet environment, an amplifier with an output current level of at least 10.28 mA in a given class of quality is desirable (preferably orientated to comparable class A) and 40.91 mA for loud.

Frequency response

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The average value of sensitivity by voltage for In-Ear and Tablet headphones by measured 784 models is 129.2 dB/V SPL.

The AAW Halcyon sensitivity is 123.8 dB/V SPL.

These headphones are 5.4 dB quieter than most In-Ear and Tablet headphones.This difference is insignificant and not exceeding a threefold deviation from the mean. So, most devices designed to work with In-Ear and Tablet headphones should fit quite well with the AAW Halcyon. A sufficient volume should be provided during playback and background noise from the source should not be noticeable.

In general, to listen to music with a level of 90 dB SPL in a quiet environment, the amplifier will require a voltage of -24.8 dBV.

It is desirable that the amplifier provides a margin of 12 dB in cases of rare noisy environments or for too quiet recordings. Thus, the amplifier should provide a maximum voltage level not lower than -12.8 dBV.

Excessive volume margin is undesirable, since for analog regulator, the adjustment range is about 40 dB and below that the channels imbalance begins. For a discrete regulator the pitch may be too large. For digital controllers are possible options for adjusting the sound level before a DAC or in a DAC. As a result of that will be decrease the signal-to-noise ratio and accordingly it is probable the appearance of audible noise.

The average sensitivity to power for In-Ear and Tablet headphones is 112.4 dB/mW SPL (average by measured 784 headphone models). The Audeze LCD-2C sensitivity is 106.8 dB / mW SPL. AAW Halcyon have just a more less sensitivity than other headphones of this type. This means that their power consumption is greater and being connected to mobile devices, the operation time of this bundle will be short than of many others.


On-line comparison and selection services for AAW Halcyon

Comparison the frequency response.

Compare the frequency response of the bundles and AMPs.

Comparison of basic characteristics: Sensitivity, Impedance.

Determination of the required voltage level from a headphone amplifier for Halcyon and comparison with other models A additional analytics of compatibility with specific amplifiers.

Comparing changes in frequency and sound pressure as a function of the applied voltage and a impedance of an amplifier.

Headphone square wave comparison at the required frequency.

The automatic selection of the optimal AMP models from Halcyon.


Measurements of AAW Halcyon Vocal were carried out by Roman Kuznetsov on the hardware-software complex RAA.

The AAW Halcyon Vocal test was conducted as a black box test, without regard to cost and prestige. This is the basic principle for making measurements, measurement reports and developing tests in RAA.

I believe that it is important to do not make an absolute assessment of the device, but an aggregate assessment when working together with a source amplifier and taking into account external factors. This allows you to effectively reveal the potential of the entire set of devices or to make a more optimal choice of components.

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