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9.9.2019 Ambient Acoustics AM10 Universal
6.9.2019 Campfire Audio Solaris
5.9.2019 TFZ (The Fragrant Zither) No.3
3.9.2019 64 Audio U8
2.9.2019 HiFiMan HE 400i
20.8.2019 Etymotic HD5
12.8.2019 ACS Evolve
11.8.2019 NICEHCK DIY Vido
10.8.2019 Sennheiser PC 330 G4ME
9.8.2019 Kennerton Magni
8.8.2019 Sennheiser HD 461G Natural fit

Headphone amplifiers (internal amp: DAP, sound cards, DACs)

10.9.2019 xDuoo XP-2 Low
10.9.2019 xDuoo XP-2 Hi
16.8.2019 Kennerton Atlas Internal DAC
15.8.2019 Dared EF-99 Low
15.8.2019 Kennerton Atlas EVGA Nu Audio
13.8.2019 Dared EF-99 Mid
13.8.2019 Dared EF-99 Hi
1.7.2019 Behringer MicroAmp Ha400
1.7.2019 Audinst HUD-DX1 Low (Default Power)
1.7.2019 Audinst HUD-DX1 Low (Robitron Power 12V 0.8A)
26.6.2019 Audinst HUD-DX1 Low (USB Power)

DAC (Line out: DACs, sound cards and DAPs)

10.9.2019 xDuoo XP-2 UAPP
10.9.2019 xDuoo XP-2 Neutron
9.9.2019 xDuoo XP-2 Onkyo HF
9.9.2019 xDuoo XP-2 JetAudio HRA
9.9.2019 xDuoo XP-2 foobar2000
13.8.2019 Dared EF-99
20.7.2019 MyST PortaDAC 1862
9.7.2019 Mistral DT-307DA Mode 96 kHz
9.7.2019 Mistral DT-307DA Mode 192 kHz
8.7.2019 Kennerton Atlas
26.6.2019 Audinst HUD-DX1 USB Power

Main and minor news in the interactive history of the RAA project

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