List of reports for xDuoo XP-2 - Reference Audio Analyzer

xDuoo XP-2 is available in reports and services. You are on the title page of the reports and services.

Information for entry level users

reports for a newbie (Headphone amplifier)

Reports / xDuoo / XP-2 / Hi / Service and suite of tests

List of reports and services for xDuoo XP-2

General recommendations
Where it is better to use? With what it is better to use?

About service and suite of tests xDuoo XP-2
Each product is presented by several reports that differ by:
  • Difficulty level:
    • Professional reports – detailed with graphs and tables
    • Simple reports – a description of the characteristics in a simple language
    • Summary reports - results of features and functions based on professional reports

Simple reports for "dummies"

About of simple reports
These are simplified reports for poorly versed users in the characteristics and specialized charts. Reports for dummies.

In this report information is presented as simply and clearly as possible. Interpretation of the data is simplified as much as possible. Thus there no subtleties and nuances. This report is sufficient for a general assessment. For a more complete and accurate representation professional reports should be studied.

Reports of work with software players

Best variants

Bundles and conditions for pure sound

All report

All tested bundles

Certificates by RAA for xDuoo XP-2

О группе отчетов

On-line comparison and selection services for xDuoo XP-2

Comparison of basic characteristics: Voltage, Current and Impedance

Compare a changed frequency response the bundles of XP-2 and headphones.

Comparison of amplifiers by loudness (Volume Level).

Comparison of the power characteristics of AMPs and interaction headphones. Additional headphone compatibility analytics.

Comparison of the optimal range of volume control

The automatic selection of the optimal AMP models.

Reports for a pro

About of professional reports
These are professional reports for readers who are well qualified in the characteristics and specialized graphs.


Measurements of xDuoo XP-2 Hi were carried out by Roman Kuznetsov on the hardware-software complex RAA.

The xDuoo XP-2 Hi test was conducted as a black box test, without regard to cost and prestige. This is the basic principle for making measurements, measurement reports and developing tests in RAA.

I believe that it is important to do not make an absolute assessment of the device, but an aggregate assessment when working together with a headphones and taking into account external factors. This allows you to effectively reveal the potential of the entire set of devices or to make a more optimal choice of components.

xDuoo XP-2 was given for tests by Xtenik Audio

Kuznetsov Roman
Founder of RAA

Known by the nickname romanrex
Аuthor of articles

xDuoo XP-2 is available in reports and services. You are on the title page of the reports and services.

Information for entry level users

reports for a newbie (Headphone amplifier)

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Довольно любопытный результат для воспроизведения 192 кГц - он не отличается от 96 кГц при тестировании в любых условиях. Это и плееры от смартфона и Windows 10 c WASAPI.

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