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PRO account on the Reference Audio Analyzer site

What is the PRO account?

This is a paid account with advanced features on the RAA website. The user with PRO account can more flexibly customize the site for himself and take advantage of additional features.

Why was a PRO account made?

Paid account is made by analogy with donate. Who cares about the development of the project and who wants to thank the creators of the project for the work done - this is the easiest way. The cost is symbolic and affordable for everyone, by analogy with various games and useful applications in the Google Play Market and AppleStore.

You finance the project to cover development costs and ongoing maintenance. Development includes the development of new tests, the purchase and creation of new measurement equipment.

Additional functionality that is available for PRO accounts is a response “thank you” from the RAA project.

Most information projects live on advertising. This makes projects overly loyal to advertisers where certain products are good and others are “bad” or simply ignored.

Financing the project directly from the site users makes it possible to be objectivity and not depend on advertising. So we don't make "pop-website" as form of a sales mechanism, but a resource with the most objective information.

For whom is the PRO account for?

PRO type of account is made for three user groups.

Regular visitors

The project site allows you to increase your knowledge and be convenient for any level of training. With an increase in the skill level, the user can remove duplicate blocks with explanations and assign priority to the display of professional information.

Store consultants

Для быстрой подгрузки в он-лайн сервисы можно подгружать заготовленные наборы продуктов. Это позволяет более быстро и качественно консультировать клиентов.

To support the project

Perhaps, you does not need additional functionality of the PRO account, but you want to support the project. Payment for PRO account in this case is an analogue of donation to this project.

Accounts Features

Free account PRO account
Newsletter (news, commentary, new test reports)
Comments on the site
Customize Menus and Pages: User / Pro Block Order
Disable/enable the block about the author of the project
Home page templates
Graphs color adjustment in comparisons
Creating your own product groups (list of favorites, list of bundles)
Disable/enable banner ads
Deactivating store offers
Disable/enable info block for authors
Disable the information about the devices in the showroom
Disable/enable info block Vacuum Tube Player
Publishing reports out of turn

The price of the PRO account

The price is similar to various useful services in a modern subscription format. You can pay online secure with payment service Robokassa.

1 month

Payment is possible after registration or Log in

100 rubles (approximately $1.33)

6 month

Payment is possible after registration or Log in

550 rubles (approximately $7.33)

1 year

Payment is possible after registration or Log in

1000 rubles (approximately $13.33)

After payment by the Robokassa, please return on our site and your PRO account will be activated automatically.

If for some reason you will not return to the site after payment, then activation will be done later.

Original text in Russian page. Translation page is not yet ready

You can help with translation via the: forum, facebook and feedback.



2019-07-30 19:52:34

Комментарий к обзору: О PRO аккаунте
А что значит "Главная - шаблоны" ?
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2019-07-30 20:22:25

Комментарий к обзору: О PRO аккаунте

2019-07-30 19:52:34
Комментарий к обзору: О PRO аккаунте
А что значит "Главная - шаблоны" ?

Это разный вариант отображения информации на главной странице.

В комментариях к описанию шаблонов можно высказать пожелания, какие варианты шаблонов главной страницы хотелось бы видеть.

2021-09-13 16:55:46

Комментарий к обзору: О PRO аккаунте
как оплатить PRO аккаунт, без этого Enot?
мой беларуский банк не хочет пропускать платеж

2021-09-16 21:49:22

2021-09-26 01:39:56

Комментарий к обзору: О PRO аккаунте
Здравствуйте. Оплатил месячный Pro. Но пока вижу свой аккаунт Free.

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