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Create device group

Available only to registered users with Pro account

Name of group

In the "my devices" settings, you can create an unlimited number of groups of measured devices.

Each group can be quickly loaded in on-line comparison services or assigned for a link with examples from standard reports.

For users

Quickly evaluate the compatibility of your devices. As a separate device with a set of its own devices, and Vice versa, its own product with a set of intended devices for purchase.

For sellers

You can select groups of priority devices for sale and provide a quick consultation.

For manufacturers and distributors

You can participate in creating groups for regular users.

The price of the PRO account

The price is similar to various useful services in a modern subscription format. You can pay online secure with payment service Robokassa.

1 month

100 rubles (approximately $1.33)

6 month

550 rubles (approximately $7.33)

1 year

1000 rubles (approximately $13.33)

After payment by the Robokassa, please return on our site and your PRO account will be activated automatically.

If for some reason you will not return to the site after payment, then activation will be done later.

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