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Stax SR-303 (report for a newbie)

General results Stax SR-303

  • The type of acoustic design Open
  • Headphone: Low-impedance
  • Type of headphones: Over-ear

About the simple report
This is a simplified report for non-professional users ("dummies"), poorly versed in the headphones characteristics and specialized graphs.

Information in this report presents in most simple and clear as possible. Interpretation of the data is simplified as much as possible and accordingly devoid of subtleties and nuances. This is sufficient for an overall assessment, but for a more complete and accurate presentation, the professional report should be studied.

By possible, the characteristics are accompanied by explanations to do reader possibility gradually master a more complex professional report.

Analogy of the report
For example when choosing a video card, many people do not understand the set of tables with the final data of the test packages. How to understand the relative difference in these figures? In most cases, the unprepared reader is satisfied with only the textual evaluation of the author, without delving into the figures. When the choice of a product is done thoroughly, then the reader gradually deepens into complex tables, mastering information from simple to complex. We made two separate reports: "simple" and "complex". A simple report with explanatory comments will allow you to self-study to gradually understand and professional report.

Analysis of other measured characteristics for the Stax SR-303

We prepare automatic analysis with comments of other characteristics and graphs, such as: Follow our news.

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