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Test report Cowon J3 (report for a newbie)

About a simple report
This is a simply report for dummies who are poorly versed in the characteristics of the amp part of various devices and don’t understand specialized graphs.

Information in this report is presented in simple and clear form. Data interpretation were made as simple as possible and accordingly hadn’t much subtleties and nuances. Simple report is sufficient for a general assessment of the device. For more complete and accurate assessment you should read professional report.

All characteristics are accompanied by detailed explanations to enable reader to gradually understand dependencies between the characteristics. The aim is to give you ability to understand a more complex professional report.

For example, when choose new computer video card, many persons do not understand the set of tables with the final data of the test packages of video cards. How to understand the relative difference in these figures? In most cases, the unprepared reader is satisfied with only the textual evaluation of the author, without delving into the figures. When the choice of a product is done thoroughly and consciously, then the reader gradually deepens into complex tables, mastering information from simple to complex.

We made the separation of reports into "simple" and "complex", where a simple report with explanations will allow you to gradually understand and professional report.

General characteristics of the amp part of Cowon J3

Characteristics for the high quality mode

About the high quality mode
We make borders for the maximum characteristics for current and voltage by sound signal reproduction quality levels. In general, when the volume level is increased, the sound quality of the amplifier degrade. Approximately as a car above a certain speed becomes less manageable. High-quality mode is a mode in which it is considered that the amplifier works as clear as possible without distortion and corresponds to the equivalent class A F.A.Q.. As a car at speed with excellent manageability.

Characteristics for the maximum mode

About the maximum mode
We make borders for the maximum characteristics for current and voltage by sound signal reproduction quality levels. In general, when the volume level is increased, the sound quality of the amplifier degrade. The maximum mode F.A.Q. is a mode in which it is considered that the amplifier operates without an audible wheeze from overloading (clipping) F.A.Q. or this is the maximum position of the volume control and a higher volume level is not possible. As if the car has already reached a speed above which manageability is lost or the car can not reach a higher speed.

How is the range of recommended impedances determined?
Recommended headphone impedances are determined for in-headphones with a sensitivity of 109 dB / mW SPL and full-sized 100 dB / mW SPL while providing a maximum sound pressure level of 116 dB SPL (average sound pressure level will be 20 dB less, since the music track is usually contains not only loud parts, but also quiet ones).

Detailed description in article Recommended headphone impedance for the amplifier.

How to compare amplifiers by loudness?
When you compare amplifiers by loudness, the voltage value, expressed in dBV, should be used. The difference in voltage will show the difference in decibel (dB) between the amplifiers.

The power values in regular mW do not convenient to direct comparison.

The direct comparison by power is only suitable for speaker amplifiers operating with an ultra-low-ohm load. This does not apply to headphone amplifiers where the headphone resistance is higher than 8-16 ohms.

Because of the higher resistance of the headphones, when compare the volume of a musical signal it is necessary to simultaneously take into account the current and voltage limits. The speaker amplifier have limit by current. For the exact difference between the amplifiers in decibel, the power value must be converted into voltage in units of dBV, taking into account the margin by current for the music signal to 12 dB.

If made a comparison simply by power, then the error will reach up to 12 dB. When sorting by volume, you can see that at the same volume values in dBV, the power values in mW will be different.

What and how to compare with the characteristics provided by manufacturers
The value of the high quality mode power is equivalent to class A. Typically, manufacturers for this power indicate the percentage of distortion, which should be no more than 1%.

Simply the Maximum power, this is the power level above, which the amplifier is already "wheezing" or the volume control is already at its maximum level. Usually indicated without a percentage of distortion, because high quality for this volume level is not implied.

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