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List of reports and services for Audiotrak Dr.Dac 2 DX Muses

About service and suite of tests Audiotrak Dr.Dac 2 DX Muses
Each product is presented by several reports that differ by:
  • Difficulty level:
    • Professional reports – detailed with graphs and tables
    • Simple reports – a description of the characteristics in a simple language
    • Summary reports - results of features and functions based on professional reports

Reports for a pro

About of professional reports
These are professional reports for readers who are well qualified in the characteristics and specialized graphs.

Report Type: DAC Line Out

Измерения Audiotrak Dr.Dac 2 DX Muses USB проведены Романом Кузнецовым на программно-аппаратном комплексе RAA.

Тест Audiotrak Dr.Dac 2 DX Muses USB проведен как черного ящика, без учета стоимости и престижа. Это главный принцип измерений и разработки тестов в RAA.

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