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Each product is presented by several reports that differ by: Now you read front page of the test reports of Yamaha RH-5Ma , from which you can go to a separate report, on-line service or another linked page with this product.

Simple reports for "dummies"

Report Type: Headphones

Yamaha RH-5Ma

These are simplified reports for poorly versed users in the characteristics and specialized charts. Reports for dummies.

In this report information is presented as simply and clearly as possible. Interpretation of the data is simplified as much as possible. Thus there no subtleties and nuances. This report is sufficient for a general assessment. For a more complete and accurate representation professional reports should be studied.

As possible, the characteristics are accompanied by explanations to give the reader the opportunity to gradually master a more complex professional report.

Professional Reports

Report Type: Headphones

Yamaha RH-5Ma

These are professional reports for readers who are well qualified in the characteristics and specialized graphs.

On-line comparison and selection services for Yamaha RH-5Ma

Comparison the frequency response the Yamaha RH-5Ma versus other models

Compare the sensitivity and impedance the Yamaha RH-5Ma versus other models.

The automatic selection of the optimal AMP models from Yamaha RH-5Ma from the measured power parameters of the amplifying part and the measured parameters of the headphones for different purpose of use.

Сравнение АЧХ и звукового давления Yamaha RH-5Ma в зависимости от подаваемого напряжения и импеданса усилителя.

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