Banner advertising on the Reference Audio Analyzer site

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Banner advertising on the Reference Audio Analyzer site

Banner advertising is the simplest and most universal variant of cooperation on the site.

It is well suited for promotion of novelties or brand.

Banners are placed at the top and bottom of the site pages. On short pages, only the bottom banners are displayed.

Three banner positions are available: 1, 2 and 3. We do not clutter the site with advertising and do not reduce the value of existing banner spaces. By placing ads with us, you can be sure that visitors will see it. For the Russian-language and English-language version of the site, banners are ordered separately.

It is possible to customize the display of banners depending on the content of the page. For example, given the model or brand in the report page. From the report type - professional or simple.

The layout of the site "responsive" - stretches under a specific user screen. The sizes of banners differ only in proportions. Depending on the type of screen and placement at the top or bottom, the banner can be either stretched like a strip, or closer as a rectangle. For an elongated or rectangular banner, different versions of the banner are used.

Examples and format for displaying banners can be seen on this page.


Monitor and tablet

As the site contains technical measurements of products and interpretation of their characteristics, the main audience of the site are both professional users and beginners who want to understand the characteristics of devices.

Part of the visitors are choosing a new device. They approximately know the necessary properties of the device and want to decide on a specific device.

For example, visitor was chose a specific Philips headphone model. At the same time, the visitor want see alternative headphones of other manufacturers and compare the compatibility of these headphones with the existing smartphone.

The other part of the visitors are the end users of the products. The product is purchased and it is necessary to understand how to open its potential or solve the problem with compatibility with other devices.

Someone purposefully selects the product for a specific bundle and is interested in the joint work of headphones, players and amplifiers.

There are also enthusiastic users who constantly change their products and add new ones to the collection on the principle of alternative sound.

And of course those who constantly monitor the theme of personal audio.

Our visitors carefully study the information on the site without haste. We have a low percentage of bounce rate and a long stay of visitors on the site.

Advertising with us is not lost

RAA is close to scientific and educational types of sites. Visitors to the site spend a lot of time on the site. We limited the number of places and types of advertising. Advertising banner is not eclipsed by hundreds of alternative types of advertising.

Serious perception

We carefully approach testing devices, and the information on the site is devoid of subjective evaluation. Visitors are sure of the truthful information on the site. The overall impression of the site automatically extends to banners.

We have everyone who is interested in personal audio

We use our testing techniques and our own software. We have unique content that is not available on other sites with personal audio.

Specific offer

RAA highly specialized site. Specific advertising is more effective for site visitors and get a high conversion.

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