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General recommendations for Gerkules HDP DJ-Adv G501

Where better to use Gerkules HDP DJ-Adv G501?

Office and home, where people should not hear the sound from the headphones

Metro (subway), public transport

Recording a voice or instrument in the studio

A home or studio where noise isolation is not important

What is better to use Gerkules HDP DJ-Adv G501?

We recommen mid-power sources

Examples of recommended sources for Gerkules HDP DJ-Adv G501

Other of recommended devices for Gerkules HDP DJ-Adv G501 in environments:

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Measurements of Gerkules HDP DJ-Adv G501 were carried out by Roman Kuznetsov on the hardware-software complex RAA.

The Gerkules HDP DJ-Adv G501 test was conducted as a black box test, without regard to cost and prestige. This is the basic principle for making measurements, measurement reports and developing tests in RAA.

Kuznetsov Roman
Founder of RAA

Known by the nickname romanrex
Аuthor of articles

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