On-line comparison of the Tecsun Wood Headphones , the Sennheiser HD 800s , the Erzetich Phobos Default, the Oriolus Mellianus , the Creative In-Ear 3 , the Campfire Audio Andromeda , the AKG K 340 ED , Sensitivity charts

Compare the Sensitivity of headphones

Tecsun Wood Headphonesvs Sennheiser HD 800svs Erzetich Phobos Defaultvs Oriolus Mellianusvs Creative In-Ear 3vs Campfire Audio Andromedavs AKG K 340 ED

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Menu Delete Close Color Name Sensitivity of voltage , dB/V SPL Impedance , ohm
Tecsun Wood Headphones 119.9 35.7
Sennheiser HD 800s 105.2 442.8
Erzetich Phobos Default 112.1 46.2
Oriolus Mellianus 125.8 30.4
Creative In-Ear 3 134.0 38.7
Campfire Audio Andromeda 141.5 8.8
AKG K 340 ED 95.7 398.6

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Brief information

On this page, you can compare the frequency response of headphones F.A.Q. with regard to their sensitivity F.A.Q..

On this page, you can compare the frequency response of headphones with regard to their sensitivity.

Подробная инструкция этого сервиса c примерами F.A.Q..

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