On-line сравнение графика Impulse response Fischer Audio SBA-03 с другими наушниками в Reference Audio Analyzer

Comparison of on-line graphs Impulse response

Fischer Audio SBA-03

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Duration for impulse, envelope and step responses ms

Frequency of square wave Hz (20~10 000) Hz.

Parameters of the axis of the graph

Characteristics of the selected headphones

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Fischer Audio SBA-03

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otl 1 = 0
2 = 0.00057411193847656
3 = 0.013183116912842
4 = 0.01610803604126
5 = 0.016111135482788
6 = 0.023488998413086
7 = 0.023491144180298
8 = 0.02358603477478
m1 = 0
m2 = 0.0016880035400391
m3 = -1558450125.1278
m4 = 0.0072650909423828

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