Selection of AMPs according to the measured characteristics under the parameters of the amplifier and the enviropment

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Фирменные монобренды:

The headphone selection algorithm uses only the measured characteristics. The algorithm takes into account the sensitivity parameters of the headphones, the power parameters of the source and the use case.

The selection method is developed in the RAA for those who are poorly versed in the characteristics, but want to see comprehensible answers to simple questions. The estimation in the selection characterizes the degree of best of the use of the selected models for the selected selection parameters.

The compatibility rating is similar to car analysis based on its ground clearance - on which road the car will move optimal without evaluating the class of the car.

Source and "amplifier" in the text means the amplifying part of the reproducing device: player, smartphone, laptop, sound card, specialized amplifier, etc. To which you can connect the headphones.

Detailed description of the methodology

The selection below is made by common parameters:
Sensitivity = 95 dB/V SPL
Impedance = 60 Ohm
The type of acoustic design: = open Ohm
Type of headphones = full Ohm
= a
= 36 dB
Coefficient of ambient noise = 0
Noise isolation in headphones: is not needed
To listening to music for the level: 90 dB SPL


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