On-Line calculators and converters


Headphone sensitivity dB/V <=> dB/mW

Converter Headphone sensitivity from voltage/power

V1/V2 => dB

The calculation of the ratio of voltages in decibels

V1+dB => V2

Calculator calculate the voltage from the level change in decibels

Calculators compatibility of headphones and amplifiers

The calculation of the maximum SPL based on power characteristics of the amplifier

The level of maximum sound pressure on the basis of parameters of the amplifier and headphones

Calculator SPL full

Sound pressure level based on the settings of the headphones and amplifier

V+R => W, I

Calculation of power and current (W, mW, dBW, dBm) of voltage and resistance

W+R => V, I (dBV)

Calculation of voltage and current (V, mV, dBV, dBu) of power and resistance

Калькулятор I+R => V, W

Calculation of voltage (V, mV, dBV, dBu) and power (W, mW, dBW, dBm) of current and resistance


V <=> dBV <=> dBu <=> Vpp

Converter of voltage: V, dBV, dBu and Vpp

W <=> mW <=> dBW <=> dBm

Converter of power W , mW, dBW and dBm

dB <=> %

Converter of distortion decibels to percentage and vice versa

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We open our presence in social networks

The life of the RAA project is not limited only by measurements. To inform about different events, we open our presence in social networks, where you can be informed of all our news. For example, you can see photos from the High End 2017 Munich in facebook and vk.com photo albums.

It was an interesting exhibition, where we communicated with a large number of manufactures. A lot of manufacturers expressed a desire to cooperate with us. And send products to our test lab for technical measurements. Some products were received immediately at the exhibition. Their measurements already made and add in our database: Shanling M2s, Enigma Acoustics & Lotoo Dharma D200 and Lotoo PAW Pico.

Be with us and follow the news and tests.